choosing the perfect rug for your rooms

Choosing the Perfect Rug for Your Rooms

Choosing the right rug for each room in your home can be difficult. A lot more planning and thought go into it than you may believe. In this blog, we will share some valuable tips to make your task much easier when looking for rugs for the following rooms in your home.

  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Bedroom

Selecting the Best Rug for Every Room in Your House

Rugs are one of the most powerful and adaptable design components you can employ to customize your house. The appropriate rug can add richness and individuality to the space, provide texture and warmth, minimize noise, designate different zones within an open-plan area, and even tie a décor scheme together.

A nice rug is a significant investment, so before you go shopping, take some time to figure out precisely what you need. Consider color, size, and texture in relation to your room so you can invest in a rug you'll love for years.


When selecting a rug, never overlook the value of texture. A room with the correct surfaces can seem much more inviting, and the ideal rug can be the finishing touch that ties everything together. Consider the finishes of your current furniture when choosing a rug for your house.

A hand-woven or hand-tufted rug will soften the rugged appearance of a leather sofa. If you have velvet lounge furniture, consider utilizing a soft cotton rug with a velour texture to give even more glitz to the space. Add a textured, loop-pile carpet in a similar color to provide a modest interest to a neutral room and sofa.


Rugs aren't simply for covering up bare flooring; they can also be used as a decorative element. Layering two jute or sisal rugs on white or hardwood flooring might look stunning. Different forms, such as a rectangle, circle, or oval, work well; experiment and find what works best in your space. Layering rugs on the carpet is another technique to enhance depth and character. A textured or densely woven rug may dramatically improve the look of a room with a low, cut-pile carpet.

Home territory

Rugs are perfect for dividing a room into different zones, especially in open-plan houses where living and eating rooms frequently merge. To keep the area balanced, use carpets that complement one other rather than compete.

Statement Rug

A rug can be a terrific focal point for a space and a great place to start when decorating it. If you fall in love with a rug in a bright color or pattern, it is a good idea to replicate that color elsewhere in the space so that your rug becomes part of a unified design. Cushions with the same color or pattern and artwork or furniture showcasing one or two rug colors can help bring the area together.


Living Room Rug

A 'floating' rug in front of the sofa with a coffee table is a frequent layout in the living room. This is not a lovely aesthetic for any room since it makes it appear smaller. For a rug to work effectively in your living room, it should be large, so it can easily accommodate your total seating area. All of your furniture's front legs should be able to rest comfortably on the rug, and ideally, all your couches and chairs should be able to sit on top of it with space to spare. To avoid the 'floating rug' look, determine the minimum size of your rug by measuring the size of your living room and the length of your couches and chairs.


Dining Room Rug

The essential criterion when utilizing a rug in your dining room is that it should be large enough to comfortably fit the table and chairs when they are brought out. When in doubt, go larger!


Bedroom Rug

Nothing beats putting your feet down on a beautiful rug first thing in the morning if you have wooden flooring in your bedroom. Placing a large rug under part of the bed, protruding from each side and at the foot, is a trending new style. If you like this design, experiment with placement; depending on the size of your space and the rug you're using, you might want to arrange it halfway or even two-thirds of the way down the length of your bed. You may also attempt a great circular rug in sisal or wool to soften the boxy design of a bedroom.


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