5 Common Home Decor Mistakes

5 Common Home Decor Mistakes

Are you currently looking to upgrade your living space with some new home decoration features? There are plenty of resources that are available to assist you in creating the living space you yearn for. However, there are various, common home decor mistakes that may arise that we are here to warn you about. In this article, we have carefully noted the 5 most common home decor mistakes that often happen that you should look to avoid to save yourself time and money! 


Mistake 1: Picking the wrong rug size 

This is one of the most common mistakes that people find themselves facing. By finding the correct rug size for the room you plan to place the rug in is extremely vital! The reason is a rug is a very eye catching home decor tool that can easily transform a room in a positive manner. You should look to avoid a rug that is too small since it can make the room appear smaller and the rug may even sit awkward. While on the other hand, rugs that are too large can be a headache as well. It can overpower the room and make the room look smaller than it actually is. This can cause the rug to look out of place and silly, which we do not want to experience. The best solution to avoid these common mistakes is by measuring before hand. By doing this, it gives you an idea of what size rug you need and minimizes any future mistakes that may revolve around sizing. 


Mistake 2: Color 

When it comes to color, each individual has their own personal preference, however there are some common mistakes that arise when involving color. One major mistake is that there is no balance. When dealing with multiple colors in a room, you must look to find a balance. This means that there should not be too many bold colors or too many neutral colors. This will either create an overstimulating or boring home setting. However, this shouldn’t stop you from wanting to decorate with color. Just don’t look to go overboard and start small. This can simply involve you adding a fun rug to your living space. There is nothing wrong in adding some color to your home environment because it will go a long way.


Mistake 3: Lack of Proper Lighting 

Lighting can play a huge role in creating a comfortable home environment and you should not neglect it. It can contribute to setting the tone you may be looking for. For example, using warm lighting can be useful in setting the mood and can also give the room a specific type of glow. By testing out different lighting sources, it can help give you a better understanding what you may be looking for in your home decoration journey. 


Mistake 4: Forgetting the Rug Pad 

We honestly feel as if this is one of the biggest crimes one can commit when it comes to home decorating. The reason is the fact that there are various benefits that comes with having a quality rug pad. By using a rug pad, you protect yourself and your guests from any potential slips or falls that may arise due to a slippery rug. It holds the rug in place, so you never have to worry about potentially breaking your back from a long fall! 


Mistake 5: Not taking risks!

Don’t be like others who are scared off by the unknown. When it comes to home decorating, you must be willing to try something new that you may have never came across. By doing this, it will set you apart from others and helps you avoid having the same looking home as the next person. With the various social networks that are present, it is easy to discover new features and trends that you may have not known about. 


It’s now time for you to take the next step!

Now you are aware of the common mistakes that people find themselves in when it comes to home decoration, it’s time for you to finally put that knowledge to use! Visit RUGGS4ALL and shop numerous rug sizes, shapes, and colors that will easily brighten up your home environment in an instant! 

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